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Request your Discounted Healthy Runner's Assessment 

with Top Memphis Running Specialists



👉 Running Health History and Injury Review

 👉 Runner's Performance Assessment

 👉 Video Running Analysis and Breakdown

 👉 Lower Body Strength and Performance Testing

 👉 Analysis Review and Treatment for only $79

"Dr. Jonathan gave found some lingering issues that I was aggravating with my "just push through the pain" at home methods and instead gave me specifically tailored exercises to rebuild with.  This is after visiting an Ortho Dr. and them recommending a surgery consult! After one month I'm running again with NO PAIN!!"

 - Mary Elizabeth

Here's How It Works

Assess & Plan

We'll thoroughly assess you to figure out what's really going on and what needs to be done to solve it.  

Stick to the Plan

Together we'll come up with a plan that will focus on getting running efficiently and pain-free.   

Crush Your Goals

Become a better runner as you build strength and resilience so you can keep running for a lifetime. 


About Us

We're the Doctors of Physical Therapy at 901PT-- We've helped some of Memphis's best runners, and we can help you, too! 


Whether you're experiencing pain, tightness, or something just feels off with your running, we can help you be a better and more resilient longterm runner. 

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