Back and Hip Pain Therapy

We can help you stop your back and hip pain while avoiding the use of medications, injections, and surgery!

Do you struggle with nagging low back pain or stiffness?


Does this sound like you?

You love living an active lifestyle— pushing yourself to the limit— but your back or hip keeps acting up making it difficult to stay active.  Maybe your back makes you nervous, and you’re afraid to keep doing the kinds of exercises that you know keep you sane and healthy.

A few times a year you have pain that spasms in your back and keeps you from moving at all? 

You feel you have to be careful every time you perform a deadlift or you run that extra mile because you know your back will tighten up when you're through. 

You have pain in your lower back that spreads to your hips or leg the longer you sit. Is your back bothering you all throughout the night and then is really stiff in the morning and hurts when you bend over? 

Your back bothers you when you stand too long…or walk too far… or your ride in your car for more than 20-30 minutes…or even sit or lie down for too long and you’re constantly shifting around at night because you can't get comfortable.​

Most people’s back pain hangs around much longer than it needs to because it never received proper diagnosis and treatment.  Many of the patients we see have been dealing with chronic back pain for years, and the more time passes, the longer it takes for it go away.  

Reasons Why Your Back Pain May Be Hanging On

1. You were hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

2. You went to a physician who gave you expensive imaging, told you to rest, and to take painkillers.  If the medicine helped, it was only temporary and the pain came back. 

3. A friend or family member told you that back pain is part of getting older so you just accepted it.  

4. You tried visiting other health professionals for help but their treatments didn't seem to help for long. 

5. You Google'd your symptoms and tried exercises you found on YouTube but it didn't help or made it worse! 

6. You thought resting and stopping your exercise would help but as soon as you tried to ease back into being active, the pain was back. 


Now the question is, "How can 901PT help you start relieving your back pain in the next few days?

What We Will Do For You

1.  Spend a full hour giving you a very thorough assessment and listening to your story and goals.


2.  Communicate with you about the underlying root causes for WHY you're experiencing back pain and WHAT needs to be done about it. 


3.  Establish a comprehensive treatment plan and guide you every step along the way as you reduce pain and gain strength and mobility. 


4.  Empower you to feel confident in your back health going forward and help you achieve your performance goals. 

Outstanding.  10/10  Changes the way I look at rehab.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time.  Recommending 901PT to everyone!  


 Dr.Sara knew exactly what was going on and helped explained everything so clearly to me!

Now a month and half later my back feels AWESOME! I’m back in the gym with some new moves and feeling so much better. I’m SO grateful for this awesome place. 


This place change everything I thought about the body! For years I’ve struggled with back pain, had 2 surgeries and still didn’t get any better.


I felt like I would never be the same. I had doctors tell me I would never squat, deadlift or do any Olympic lifting again.  901pt made me believe in myself again.


After working with them, I am now doing compound lifts and doing CrossFit... and now I’m squatting 225 pain-FREE! I HIGHLY encourage anybody that is struggling with injuries to go see them! They are absolutely amazing!


Dr. Jessica has made me feel truly heard and understood for possibly the first time in my life.  I am forever grateful.  


Things That Make Back Pain Last Longer Than It Needs To

1. Rest-  Rest can be helpful for initial inflammation for a day or two, but the movement is necessary to solve the real issue. So you need to be moving, and you need to be doing the RIGHT exercises for your particular situation. 

2. Relying on wearing a support-  It can be helpful but it will not solve the problem, and it just delays getting real treatment

3. Relying on medications or injections-  They can help with temporary inflammation flare-ups or numb the pain, but they definitely do NOT solve the problem and can mask the real issue. This can lead to further tightness and make the problem worse.

4. Hearing that you have a disc injury or arthritis or degenerative joint problems that can only be fixed by injections or surgery-  The vast majority of the time this is simply NOT true! People are told all the time to just deal with the pain until they’re ready to have surgery or another injection, and this is bad advice in a lot of cases and will prolong the back pain or prevent you from getting needed treatment.

If you're tired of being slowed down by a nagging ache or sharp pain in your back, then let's talk. 

We'd love to hear about what's going on with your back, how long you've been experiencing pain, and what you've tried so far.  

We'll answer your questions and explain how we're different. Then, we'll tell you what the process looks like to get back to everyday functioning without back pain. We are also highly qualified to help you return to a high level of athletic performance after back pain and help you be confident in your back for the future. 

See below for some of our tips about back pain. 

If you’re tired of living with back pain, and you're ready to book an appointment to take the first step in eliminating it, call us at (901) 310-3901.

We're also giving away this free Guide containing the top recommendations we give to patients who deal with back pain.  While we cannot guarantee that every tip will help your specific situation, our advice is research-based and has been helpful for hundreds of back pain patients we have seen over the years.  We genuinely hope that you take this small step toward finding the root cause and solution to your back pain so that you can more quickly get back to what you enjoy doing.  

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