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Frequently Asked Questions 



We have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions based on years of successfully treating thousands of people with injuries in the greater Memphis area.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly via email, or you can call/text us at (901) 310-3901. If it’s after business hours, click here to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your specific pain/injury and how we can help.  





Who will I be working with during my appointments?


All of your appointments will be one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire duration of the appointment.  Your PT will prioritize getting to know you on a personal level and creating a plan customized to your specific needs and goals. 



What can I expect during an evaluation? 


Your PT will start out by going over your intake form with you to get clarity on your history, symptoms, habits, and goals.  It’s important to us that we have time to hear from you and gain clarity on what’s brought you here.  They’ll also check in with you about other aspects of your health that affect recovery, like your nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. 


Next, your PT will give you a comprehensive physical assessment to test your strength and mobility, analyze your movement patterns, and get to the underlying root cause for why you’re experiencing pain or limitations.  From there, your PT will put together a custom recovery & performance plan that will get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.  You’ll discuss what this plan looks like and what you can expect going forward in terms of things you’ll be working on at home and what you’ll work on together in future sessions.  


Will I see the same PT each time? 


Yes!  Our mission  is to keep you healthy and active for a lifetime, and we need to form an individual relationship with you to do that.  We prioritize that relationship by scheduling you with the same PT each time,  giving you access to your PT in between sessions via email and text, and we encourage you to see this as the beginning of a long term partnership in your ongoing health goals. (Very occasionally if there are scheduling conflicts, we’ll give you the option to see another PT, but this is rare and always the patient’s choice.)


Do I need a prescription to see a PT? 


No!  Tennessee is a Direct Access state which means that you have direct access to see a physical therapist without involving a physician first.  


Can PT help if I’ve been told that my condition will eventually require surgery?


Yes! You might need surgery in the future, or…… you might not! It’s not uncommon for people we work with to have been told that they’ll need surgery to fully recover to a point when surgery is no longer a consideration.  We also have patients who have been told that surgery is in their future when that was a completely wrong recommendation!  Just because your pain might be severe or chronic doesn’t mean surgery is the answer.  And even if you do end up needing surgery, doing PT beforehand means you’ll go into the surgery in a much better state and have an easier recovery afterward.  


The last time I tried PT, it felt pointless because I was doing exercises by myself that I could have just done at home.  How are you different? 


It’s understandable that you would feel that way with traditional physical therapy because exercises aren’t always alongside the Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Since we don’t utilize assistants in our clinic and the entirety of your visit will be with the DPT, every minute of your visit will be intentional.  We’ll teach you the specific exercises you need to be doing for your needs, make sure you’re doing them correctly, and oversee you closely while you learn.  On repeat visits we’ll continue to progress the exercises to make sure you’re challenging yourself and your condition continues to improve.  There will be an intentional and progressive plan to everything you’re doing.


How many visits will it take to solve my problem? 


At your evaluation the PT will do a deep-dive assessment on your specific needs and discuss your goals and concerns.  Together you’ll discuss a custom plan to help you fully deal with the root cause of your pain and achieve your short and long term goals.  This plan will include things for you to do at home in between visits and a plan for future visits.  Because every plan is custom to the individual, future visits will depend on your specific situation.  Overall, our philosophy is to address the root cause of your issue and solve it rather than just treat symptoms.  We’ll be honest with you about what it’s going to take to do this for the long term.


I’ve already had PT but my issue isn’t fully resolved, how will 901PT be any different?


Usually when patients see us because issues haven’t resolved with PT it’s because they haven’t been given the right treatment plan, not because physical therapy won't work for them.  Not all physical therapy is equal in its effectiveness, and there is a wide range in the types of treatment you can receive from a PT.  We often see people who have struggled to improve in the past find great success with us because of how different we approach things.  


We don’t waste time with hands-off, passive treatments that aren’t proven to help long term.  We spend more time with you.  We take into account factors like your sleep, nutrition, and stress levels as they relate to your recovery.  We don’t base your treatment around what insurance will reimburse but rather what’s most effective for you as an individual. We take the time to educate you about your situation and coach you on the mental aspects of pain, recovery, and long term resilience. We check in with you in between visits and genuinely want to build a relationship with you that will empower you to stay active and feel great for years to come.  

Can’t I just watch YouTube videos about my issue and do the exercises by myself? 


You could, but there’s a good chance that the exercises you find aren’t the appropriate treatment for your specific situation.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to see people who have been trying exercises they saw online and when they finally come to us for an evaluation, we realize that what they’ve been doing is ineffective or the opposite of what they actually need.  The exercises your PT prescribes are like medicine…. Wouldn’t you rather take what’s prescribed specifically for you and your body rather than something that might be ineffective at best and harmful at worst?  


Will I be given exercises to do at home? 


Yes, you’ll be prescribed several specific exercises/movements that are intentionally selected for your individual needs and goals.  You’ll be given specific instructions covering what you and your therapist went over on your visit, what to work on at home, and what you’ll be covering in your next session together.  At each visit we’ll monitor progress, calm down pain symptoms, and adjust your treatment plan to keep you making progress. 


If I’m consistent with my home exercises, why do I need to keep coming? 


The home exercises you’re given to begin with at your evaluation are just that– A beginning.  A starting point.  They will hopefully get the ball rolling, but as your body starts to respond, your therapist will need to make adjustments and give you progressions so you’ll continue to make improvement.  Your movements must be dosed carefully and specifically when recovering from pain or injury.  If you never progress beyond a starting dose of exercises, you’ll likely not fully deal with the underlying issue, and this is often how chronic issues form.  All visits are purposeful and intentional to help you move along a progressive treatment plan toward your goals. 


Are you going to make me lift weights? I see photos of weights and barbells in your clinic and I’m inexperienced and nervous about lifting weights and getting hurt. 


Lifting weights can be intimidating for beginners, and we understand that.  Getting stronger is a foundation of our treatment philosophy, but we take great care to customize that to each person in an accessible way.  You will be challenged, but we’ll guide you every step of the way depending on your experience and comfort level. Getting stronger is how we heal from injury and pain, but you’ll be safe in the hands of a specialist who will teach you how to decrease pain and feel confident in your body as you get stronger.


It looks like you only treat athletes and I don’t consider myself an athlete, how could you help me?


If you have a body, then you’re an athlete!  We work with high level athletes and complete beginners, and we’re very comfortable walking you step by step through a process customized to your needs and goals.  Our therapists have extensive experience with many different populations, so rest assured, you belong at 901PT! 



I’ve been managing my symptoms with injections & medications, why would I need to try physical therapy?


Injections & medications treat the symptoms but not the root cause for why you’re in pain to begin with.  They can provide relief but usually it’s only temporary and sometimes not at all.  Many of the patients who see us have had these in the past but after months or years of “managing” their symptoms, usually the problem is still there and it’s just become more deep-rooted and frustrating.  Even if medical treatments are helping symptoms, physical therapy will complement your long term recovery by helping you regain motion and strength and reduce chances of future injury. 


My issues have been going on for years and I’ve seen lots of different doctors, I’m skeptical you can help me. 


We often see people who have tried what feels like everything to fix their problem, and they’re frustrated and at the end of their rope! We can understand your skepticism and hesitancy to try one more thing.  What we can promise you is that you’ll get our time, attention, and determination to solve your problem.  It takes time to thoroughly assess complicated cases and leave no stone unturned, and we’re committed to spending that time with you.  Our specialists love tackling challenging cases and we’ll be your biggest supporter in your recovery. 


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