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Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

 Hip Pain Therapy

Solve Hip Pain

Without Medications, Injections, and Surgery!

You don't have to keep wondering why you're having hip pain.



We can help you understand what's going on and exactly what to do about it.  

Understand Your Hip Pain

Gain Confidence in Your Hip's Resilience

Feel Stronger & More Mobile

Stay Active in Your Sport

Get a Long-Term Plan for the Future 

Does this sound like you?

  • Hip Pain making it hard to stay as active as you want to

  • Hip pinching in your squat that makes it hard to keep training

  • Nervous to exercise for fear that your hip will get worse

  • Even if your hip feels ok during exercise, it hurts most afterward or the next morning

  • Low back pain that spreads to hips or leg the longer you sit

  • Stiff hip when you sleep causing restless sleep and pain in the morning

  • Hip pain when you stand too long, walk too far or ride in the car longer than 30 minutes

Most people’s hip pain hangs around much longer than it should because it never received proper diagnosis and treatment.  

Life is too short to live with hip pain.

We know how frustrating it is to live with hip pain that interferes with the active lifestyle you want and distracts you from what you enjoy.  

What's even worse is when it keeps coming back and never fully resolves... leaving you feeling helpless and confused.  

Too many people are stuck in an endless cycle of rushed appointments and medications & injections that never truly solve the issue.  This leaves them worried about surgery and feeling like their body is broken. 

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

We believe your body is resilient and capable of healing with the right plan. 

You're not broken, and you deserve more. 


Find the Root Cause of Your Hip Pain

We'll thoroughly assess your hips and all surrounding areas to figure out what's really going on and what needs to be done to solve it.  


Solve Your Hip Pain

Together we'll come up with a plan that will focus on getting you stronger, more mobile, and pain-free.  We'll help you stay active and improve your workouts while taking care of your problem areas.  


Provide a Longterm Solution

Build strength and resilience in your hips so you can stay active for a lifetime. We'll show you how to keep improving so that you can live life on your terms without fear of hip pain. 

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

Whether you are an athlete or not, 901 PT can put you on the right path to achieve any of your personal goals. 


Dr. Olivarez has given me invaluable knowledge and tools that I will be able use the rest of my life.

- Brennan

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

BIG LOVE FOR 901 PT!!! I cannot say enough good things about this place!


I've been to other physical therapists before, but none have actually taken the time to get to know me as a whole person, helped me understand my injury, and given me a whole host of ways to treat and prevent it.

- Jessica

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

"901PT truly changed my life.


I learned to view my body not as weak, fragile, and incapable of movement, but rather as strong, resilient, and capable of healing through safe movement. 


 The level of attention and care I received at 901PT went far beyond my expectations and I’d recommend them to anyone seeking long-term relief from chronic pain."


- Marissa 

Many people come to us discouraged with their hip pain and feeling doubtful about real change.

If you've tried physical therapy for hip pain in the past and it wasn't what you were hoping for, we guarantee that working with 901 Physical Therapy will be a completely different kind of experience.

Even if you've received a diagnosis in the past that didn't offer you much hope, we'll invest the time and patience it takes to show you a way to get stronger, stay active, and reduce your pain.

We promise to invest the time and patience it takes to give you answers and a plan for long-term results. We work with people of all ages and can help you with specific strategies for enjoying your life on your terms.
Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT
Hurried appointments and quick fixes won't solve your hip pain in the long run.  

If you're ready to tackle the problem and deal with it once and for all, we'll guide you through the process step-by-step.

 1. Understand Your Hip Pain

 We'll start with a thorough assessment to understand your body and listen to your concerns.  We'll tell you what it's going to take to achieve your goals and agree upon a customized plan forward.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

2. Stick to the Plan

A comprehensive treatment plan will include regular appointments and an at-home exercise plan.   Our mutual commitment to the plan will ensure that you make consistent progress and reach your goals.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

3. Crush your Goals! 

With a consistent focus on education, strength, and mobility, you'll overcome your injury and be able to tackle your performance goals! Whatever they are, we'll help you make it happen. 

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

Outstanding.  10/10  Changes the way I look at rehab.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time.  Recommending 901PT to everyone!  


 Dr.Sara knew exactly what was going on and helped explained everything so clearly to me!

Now a month and half later my back feels AWESOME! I’m back in the gym with some new moves and feeling so much better. I’m SO grateful for this awesome place. 


Dr. Jessica has made me feel truly heard and understood for possibly the first time in my life.  I am forever grateful.  


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