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Runners Physical Therapist


Movement is Medicine
75% of runners have a running-related injury every year.
But we don't think that's a reason to stop running...  We can help you recover from injury and pain and help you KEEP running! 
There's a lot of misinformation out there about running being bad for your joints. 
"Your body isn't a set of tires that will wear out..."


Don't Waste Your Time NOT Running

You don't have to keep wondering why you're in pain during or after you run.



We can help you understand what's going on and exactly what to do about it so you can keep running.

Understand Your Pain

Gain Confidence in Your Body

Become a More Resilient Runner

Keep Running with Your Friends

Have a Plan Long-Term Running

Are You Experiencing... 

Pain During Runs

Pain That Keeps You From Running

Pain After Runs

Life Is Too Short to Not Enjoy Running! 

We know how frustrating it is to have pain mess up your plans and goals with running. 

What's even worse is when it keeps coming back and never fully resolves... leaving you feeling helpless and confused.  All the while, keeping you from running the way you wish you could! 

Too many people are stuck in an endless cycle of "resting"  and medications & injections that never truly solve the issue.  

Unfortunately, this often leads to quitting running altogether... usually thinking, "I must be getting too old" or "I guess this is too hard on my body." 

 Our Gift to You: A FREE Guide with our Best Tips for Runners with Pain


Do you struggle with pain from running or nagging injuries?

Does this sound like you?

  • Cutting down on mileage because you're scared of pain or injury?



  • Avoiding speed work because of pain? 

  • Wanting to run that next race but nervous about wearing down your body?


  • Stagnant in setting goals due to pain or injury? 

Most people’s pain hangs around much longer than it needs to because it never received proper diagnosis and treatment.


  Waiting for it to go away usually doesn't work, and the longer you wait, the more time you spend not running the way you want to.


Reasons Why Your Pain May Be Hanging On

1. You were hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

2. You went to a physician who gave you expensive imaging, told you to rest, and to take painkillers.  If the medicine helped, it was only temporary and the pain came back. 

3. A friend or family member told you that pain with running is part of getting older so you just accepted it.  

4. You tried visiting other health professionals for help but their treatments didn't seem to help for long. 

5. You Googled your symptoms and tried exercises you found on YouTube but it didn't help or made it worse! 

6. You thought resting and stopping running would help but as soon as you tried to ease back into it, the pain was back. 

What will it cost you if you keep training and living with pain?
Now the question is,
"How can 901PT help you overcome pain and injury to be a successful long-term runner? 

Custom Running Assessment


Analyze your running history and past or current pain to get the big picture


Test your strength & mobility to uncover areas that may lead to injury or pain


Watch your running technique to find out what mistakes you're making so we can correct them.




Receive a strategic custom program to address your limitations and build strength in your running.

I had the opportunity to visit 901PT and I am glad I did. After my first visits, I started to feel an improvement.

Dr. Sara Michael helped me to recover, to identify some weaknesses and she gave me great tips to improve my running technique.
Thank you!


Jorge Esparza

There’s a reason why this place has 5 star reviews only. The staff at 901PT is impeccable. Dr. Clay is a genius when it comes to his craft.


Dr. Clay looks at every case as an individual case, not a “textbook case”. His analysis and plans are insanely intuitive.


I returned to running, hit a new PR, and I can only attribute that to the great work at 901PT. Before wasting money going to get an X-ray or MRI try this wonderful team first!

-Cedric Foster

Dr. Clay is amazing and unlike any traditional DPT I’ve ever seen, I would give him 20 stars if I could. After 4 months of fighting ITB syndrome/knee issues and several doctor visits, I finally scheduled a consult.


Going in, I was unable to run more than 1 mile without sharp pain.


I'm now able to run 20+ miles with NO pain. I’m now training for my next ultramarathon with 0 pain and running more efficiently and faster than ever before. If you’re fighting nagging injuries, give 901PT a call today. You’ll be back running in much less time than traditional PT!

Christy Brewer

I had a great experience @ 901PT! I had been dealing with nagging foot pain for years, and after just one session, I could already tell the difference in my function and performance. I was able to shave 10% off my marathon time! Personal attention is unparalleled. Worth every penny.

Jen O'Bryan

Things That Make Pain Last Longer Than It Needs To

1. Rest-  Rest can be helpful for initial inflammation for a day or two, but movement is necessary to solve the real issue.  You need to be moving, and you need to be doing the RIGHT movements for your particular situation. 

2. Relying on wearing a support or boot-  It can be helpful but it will not solve the problem, and it just delays getting real treatment

3. Relying on medications or injections-  They can help with temporary inflammation flare-ups or numb the pain, but they definitely do NOT solve the problem and can mask the real issue. This can lead to further tightness and make the problem worse.

4. Hearing that you have arthritis or degenerative joint problems that can only be fixed by injections or surgery-  The vast majority of the time this is simply NOT true! People are told all the time to just deal with the pain until they’re ready to have surgery or another injection, and this is bad advice in a lot of cases and will prolong the pain or prevent you from getting needed treatment.

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If you’re tired of pain getting in the way of your running, and you're ready to take the first step in eliminating it, we can help. 

We'd love to hear about what's going on, how long you've been experiencing pain, and what you've tried so far.  

We'll answer your questions and tell you what the process looks like for you to get back to running without pain, what to do to help prevent problems in the future, and how to progress in your training. 
We are highly qualified to help you return to a high level of athletic performance after pain and injury and help you be confident in your strength for the future.

Tips for Runners

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way