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Runners Physical Therapist

Feel Better
Move Better
Perform Better

Movement is Medicine
75% of runners have a running-related injury every year.
But we don't think that's a reason to stop running...  We can help you recover from injury and pain and help you KEEP running! 

Aging Doesn't Have to Mean "Taking it Easy!"

Your quality of life as you age is directly related to your strength, mobility, & balance.  

Losing these is not inevitable.  

Understand Your Physical Changes

Gain Confidence in Your Movement

Resist Muscle & Bone Loss as You Age

Stay Active with Family & Friends

Be Proactive About a Long-Term Plan for Optimal Health

Are You Experiencing... 

Loss of Strength or Balance

Symptoms That Keeps You From Being Active

Fear of Movement or Exercise

What's at Stake

Progressive Decline in Muscle Mass

Our bodies lose muscle as we age if don't intentionally work to keep it.  This leads to increased risk of injury and functioning. 


Arthritis is often a normal sign of aging, but poor management of symptoms often lead to a reduction in activity level... This usually begins the gradual cascade of negative health effects, increased symptoms, and reduction in qualify of life.

Increased Risk of Osteoporosis

Bone loss accelerates after age 50, and for 1 in 2 women/1 in 5 men, this will lead to a fracture. Fractures can increase risk of death for up to ten years after the incident. 

Increase Risk of Falling

With progressive loss of stamina, muscle, and balance comes increased risk of falling.  Falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly and significantly decrease quality of life while increasing death risk. 

Aging doesn't have to look like this! 

We believe in taking a proactive approach to aging rather than being passively reactive.

We know that maintaining strength, stamina, and confident movement is the key to aging well. 

Not only does it combat risks like osteoporosis and muscle loss, exercise increases your metabolic health, thus affecting a multitude of disease risks. 

Your longevity is directly linked to your muscle health and movement quality... 

So how do you maintain your health when pain, injury, or weakness has robbed you of your confidence? 

You don't have to figure it out alone.  

We believe your body is resilient and capable of much more than you might think.... even in the later decades of life! 

You CAN continue to stay active, and you deserve help to get there.


Our Docs specialize in working with older adults who have pain or restrictions to help them get stronger, move better, and take control of their health!  

Here's How It Works... 


Feel Better

We'll thoroughly assess you to figure out your current capacity and calm any pain or symptoms.


Move Better

Build the capacity and coordination needed to be as active and strong for as long as possible.  


Perform Better

Equip you with confidence and resilience so you can stay active for a lifetime. We'll show you how to maintain and improve so that you can move without fear. 

Our Clients Say

After working with multiple physical therapists, Ben finally overcome chronic knee pain with 901PT.

What Other Memphis Adults Like You Have Said About Us


I was diagnosed with Cervical Disc degeneration with an Arthritic Spine. My main issue was neck mobility. After three neck injections from a Orthopedic Doctor there was no relief. I was on three medications which helped, but with undesirable side effects.

After the first six sessions at 901 PT, I have regained flexibility and range of motion in my neck. I am able to tread water as that was not possible before my therapy with 901PT. Treading water is my only means of cardio and now I am back to treading water for an hour nonstop.

I am so grateful I discovered 901PT.



901PT provided the individual attention that I needed to get past my initial injury. And I've continued to get regular check-ins to stay on track.
So ... a little update: Dr Jonathan has created new work out structures for my time at the local gym. When I come for my check-in, we revisit form, and establish new goals. I've kind of moved beyond middle-age, so building my fitness is absolutely key to aging well.
Highly recommend! 



Dr. Clay Jones provides a remarkable treatment experience. A focused and very attentive plan of healing, strengthening and learning new movement skills. I continue to experience pain free range of motion I believed was lost decades ago. You will not receive any cookie-cutter treatment. He really listens to you and determines what your body responds to. This was my best decision in a long time.


Whether it's back pain, shoulder tightness, or recovery from surgery...

We don't just calm your symptoms- We help you build longterm strength & functional capacity so you can maintain an active lifestyle.  

It's not just about pain relief, it's about being a strong & resilient longterm. 

Most older adults come to us discouraged with their pain and feeling doubtful about real change.

If you've tried physical therapy in the past and it wasn't what you were hoping for, we guarantee that working with 901 Physical Therapy will be a completely different kind of experience.

We promise to invest the time and patience it takes to give you answers and a plan for long-term results. We work with people of all ages and can help you with specific strategies for living your best and most active life for years to come. 
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