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We help Memphis athletes recover from injury and get back to what they love 

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"Dr. Sara Michael helped me to recover, to identify some weaknesses and she gave me great tips to improve my running technique."
Thank you!

-Jorge Esparza

We spend TIME to UNDERSTAND you and help you stay active doing what you LOVE

Here's How It Works


Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

Find the Root Cause

Get a clear and exact diagnosis. We'll spend a ton of time giving you a thorough assessment to figure out what's really going on and what needs to be done about it.  


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


Understand Your Pain

Together we'll come up with a plan that will focus on getting you stronger, more mobile, and pain-free.  We'll help you stay active and improve your training while taking care of your problem areas.  


Provide a Longterm Solution

We'll help you build strength and resilience so that hopefully your pain doesn't come back. We'll show you how to keep improving so that you can reach your performance goals. 

The Kinds Of People We Help

RUNNERS us because we identify why they're hurting and help them keep running

WEIGHT LIFTERS us because we help them keep progressing in their training without pain

CROSSFITTERS us because we help them refine their lifts without pain

TRIATHLETES us because we can help them be prepared for the race 

TEEN ATHLETES us because we keep them active in their sport

BUSY ADULTS us because we help them fulfill their obligations without being distracted by pain

If you keep training and living with pain, what will it cost you?  

We'd love to hear your story and give you some advice on what you should do about your pain.    

If you're not quite ready to book an appointment, whether because you're unsure if we're right for your situation or if you've had a bad experience in the past, it might be helpful to speak with one of our Doctors first so that you can be 100% confident that we can help you. If that would be helpful for you, please click on the button above and fill out a short form so that we can schedule a time for you to have a conversation on the phone about your situation with one of our Docs. They will answer all of your questions, and this call is FREE. 

You might want to find out a little bit about the cost and availability of an appointment before booking.  If you'd like to ask us some questions first, just click the above button and fill-out the form.  

What Other Memphis Athletes Are Saying About 901PT

This place changes everything I thought about the body! For years I’ve struggled with back pain, had 2 surgeries, and still didn’t get any better.


I felt like I would never be the same.


I had doctors tell me I would never squat, deadlift, or do any Olympic lifting again. Being a college athlete that was really hard to hear.

901pt made me believe in myself again. They are so knowledgeable and really care about getting you back to what you enjoy doing. During all my times having therapy, 901pt is a totally different fill. Each session you get a full hour one on one with them. I learned so much from just the first visit.


After working with them, I am now doing compound lifts and doing CrossFit. Before I could only squat 95lbs and now I’m squatting 225 pain-FREE! I HIGHLY encourage anybody that is struggling with injuries to go see them! They are absolutely amazing!

- Bethany Lytle 

"I had knee surgery - replacing cartilage - in February 2019. The by-product of the surgery was terrible sciatica nerve pain. I could not walk more than 20 yards without having to stop and sit down or lean against something. Seriously, the worst pain I've ever experienced!


I was at another PT place and making no progress. In fact, after six weeks I was worse than when I started. I tried acupuncture to no avail.


I switched to Sarah at 901PT and immediately saw results! With 901PT you get the therapist's full attention - one on one for the full session. I'm finally back to running again and would have never made it back without 901PT.


I recommend them to anyone having knee, back, whatever issues!"

- Ted Cashion

"901PT truly changed my life. After years of going from one physical therapist to another with no improvement, I had pretty much resigned myself to being in constant pain forever.


But at my first visit, Dr. Sara turned my whole understanding of my body upside down. She taught me to view my body not as weak, fragile, and incapable of movement, but rather as strong, resilient, and capable of healing through safe movement. She gave me not only physicals tools to use, but also mental tools to use when flare-ups happen and I begin to fall into worry, frustration, and helplessness.


Within a few months, I went from not being able to walk without pain to being able to walk, run, and lift weights without pain or with appropriate adjustments when I do feel pain. The level of attention and care I received at 901PT went far beyond my expectations and I’d recommend them to anyone seeking long-term relief from chronic pain."

- Marissa Kizer

  Your evaluation and treatment will be guided by YOUR needs and YOUR goals.  
Physical Therapist listening to patient talk about his pain

Free Resources To Help You Start Improving Today

8 tips to ease your back pain and stay pain free

If you're tired of pain or tightness when you run, download our FREE guide with our Top 5 Tips to keep you running for a lifetime!

We're DIFFERENT from any other treatment you've received because of our commitment to your care: 

1.  1 full hour of one-on-one treatment with a Doctor of physical therapy.  You won't be rushed through appointments without a chance to share your story and concerns --- We'll listen to you.

2.  We know you're committed to your sport and activities, and we're committed to helping you return to them as quickly as possible without pain

3.  We believe your body is strong and resilient, and we are committed to educating and encouraging you to feel confident in your movements so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle. 

4.  We aren't content to do things just because that's the way they've always been done.  Our therapists are committed to knowing the best and most applicable research-based treatments that will not only treat your pain but set you up for a lifetime of healthy movement.  

5.  You'll see the SAME physical therapist at every appointment, and your time will not be shared with other patients.  

At 901PT, your physical therapist will LISTEN to your full story and spend TIME to carefully assess a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.  

Free Tips to Help You Start Improving Right Now

Check-out our blog for more free resources!

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We're located in the Broad Avenue Arts District at 2637 Broad Avenue 


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Now Offering Online Telehealth Appointments! 

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