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Clay does amazing work. I was battling hip and low back issues for a while with a lack of mobility in my left hip. He was able to open my hip up and relieve tension in my low back. He got me back on the right path quickly. He is the most present physical therapist I've ever worked with and will give you a full hour of his time. He is not like other therapists that are just trying to move onto the next patient. He explains what he is doing and why. I highly recommend him if you are having any issues.     - Taylor Somerville 

I have seen several practitioners, looking for help with the shoulder, neck pain, and headaches I was experiencing. I am grateful my path crossed with Clay and 901PT. His knowledge, care, and undivided attention makes him stand out as a physical therapist whose primary focus is the client.   - Sarah Lawrence Allen

Clay is a miracle worker. 
I started seeing him about 2 months before I was scheduled to participate in a 50k mountainous trail race for some hip pain. I was so afraid it would sideline me from completing this race. 
He takes his time to listen to you and asks very specific questions about where the pain is and what triggers it. Very thorough examination and he prescribes very simple exercises to help rehab the area. 
After 2 visits with some exercise therapy, dry needling and massage my hip pain was GONE! 
I finished the race and had no soreness or pain in my hip after! He even sent me a text to check on me post race and to congratulate me on my big accomplishment. 
I will definitely be recommending my #crazynutjobrunner friends to go see him when pain strikes. 
I’m a lifetime patient! ----Daniela Krause

In training for my first full marathon last year, I strained my calf muscle.. to the point that I couldn’t walk without pain, much less run. I started seeing Clay, and with the exercises and stretches he gave me along with the dry needling he did... (including 2 days before the marathon)... I was able to complete the full 26.2 miles! There is no doubt in my mind.. I know I would not have been able to continue training and would not have been able to complete those 26 miles if it weren’t for him! Go see him!! ---Tori Shackleford

I came to Clay with a recurrent hip pain that I was experiencing during my training runs for a half marathon. He suggested I try dry needling, a form of therapy of which I was not familiar. It instantly loosened my muscle tightness and relieved my pain. I did not have to take any medication or give up my runs. He showed me how to stretch out and strengthen my muscle as well. I was able to continue with my training as scheduled. --- Krista Jones

I first met Dr. Jones in 2014 when I suffered a knee injury that required extensive rehab and until this day, I'm glad I was assigned to him. From the first visit, I knew I was in good hands. He empathizes with his patients and provided me an avenue to learn more about my injury, recovery, rehab, pain, and self-improvement.

Dr. Jones is well trained in manual therapy, rehabilitation for injury prevention, and many more areas of therapy. His experience speaks volumes for his capabilities. From headaches to back pain treatments, I have seen him make a positive impact to improve patient outcomes.

He truly cares about his patients and you can tell from being around him that he truly loves helping people feel better and educating them on a lifestyle that best attenuates their concerns.

I highly recommend anyone who's reading this to see Dr. Jones for your therapy alleviation. I promise you won't be disappointed.—Riyaz

901PT is the best! For over a year, I battled an issue with my lower back. I ran in to Clay at a rowing event and asked him a few questions about it. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and agreed to work with me on my lower back pain. After a few weeks, I was feeling stronger, healthier and the pain that I had been working through for over a year, was gone! Clay and his team spend quality one on one time with each and every patient. When you book a session with 901PT, every patient is given at least an hour of full attention from Clay and his team. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and I would refer them to anyone and everyone wanting to work through any serious injuries or slight pain or discomfort. You won't regret it!   ----Caroline Giovannetti

Dr. Clay Jones provides a remarkable treatment experience. A focused and very attentive plan of healing, strengthening and learning new movement skills. I continue to experience pain-free range of motion I believed was lost decades ago. You will not receive any cookie-cutter treatment. He really listens to you and determines what your body responds to. This was my best decision in a long time

Clay is a phenomenal PT. I have had shoulder pain for over two years. I have seen two different doctors and a hand full of PTs. All of them good people, but were never able to get down to the root of the problem, and they could never tell me I would be better. However, from day one, Clay told me otherwise. I am still on the journey of shoulder recovery, but Clay has been willing to walk every step of it with me. He spends the whole hour-hour and a half with you, very hands-on, very intentional and, to the best of his abilities, is willing to answer any question you might have. He is not only great at what he does, but he is relational, too. Would recommend him to anyone looking to fight for recovery!   -----Jessica Crosnoe
Clay is a phenomenal PT. I have had shoulder pain for over two years. I have seen two different doctors and a hand full of PTs. All of them good people, but were never able to get down to the root of the problem, and they could never tell me I would be better. However, from day one, Clay told me otherwise. I am still on the journey of shoulder recovery, but Clay has been willing to walk every step of it with me. He spends the whole hour-hour and a half with you, very hands-on, very intentional and, to the best of his abilities, is willing to answer any question you might have. He is not only great at what he does, but he is relational, too. Would recommend him to anyone looking to fight for recovery!   -----Jessica Crosnoe
I have gone to many doctors, witch doctors and faith healers to solve a chronic 35 year old back problem. No amount of exercise or money would bring relief. Clay and the great folks at 901PT identified my issues, manipulated the area for some immediate relief, and gave me exercises to work on which started the relief of my pain. I am sold on both the results and the customer service and professionalism. If you are hurting give them a serious look!   ---- Greg Touliatos

I struggled relieving tightness in my calves after runs and with bouts of lower back pain. I wanted to try dry needling to see if it would help. I contacted 901PT and I had an appointment the NEXT day - unheard of! Sara did an evaluation and noticed that my hips were also unstable. She showed me exercises to increase hip stability, and I received an email with the exercises + a video to make sure I could do them at home. Sara dry needled my calves and hips and was thorough in her explanation of what to expect. I love that they wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on. You can tell that they care about all of their patients!    ---- Kirsten Scheel

I was 9 months post hip labrum and ligament repair when I switched PT’s and started seeing Sara Michael. Sara addressed issues that others PT’s had never brought up. While I did have to have a second surgery to remove scar tissue, with Sara’s direction and treatment both pre and post op I’m on the road to making a full recovery and resuming my previous activity level. I have no doubt that Sara’s knowledge, thoughtfulness, and caring made a big difference in my recovery. 
 ----Carrie Hough

I went to see Dr. Sara after finally giving up on "fixing" my hip pain myself. (I can be a bit stubborn.) It wasn't like any "modern" medical appointment I've had in ages. Sara sat down with me for the entire hour and looked at more than just why my hip hurt now. She is interested in fixing the underlying problem.
At 901PT there is no sense of rushing or looking at the clock. There's no feeling of being number 639 of 750 patients who will be seen today. You aren't passed on from person to person.
I can't speak highly enough of her work! She is great! Please give them a try.   --- Joelle Dodge

I originally saw an orthopedic doctor after some issues with my knee, and he prescribed me PT- it was going to take two and a half weeks just to get in for an evaluation, so I decided to contact Dr. Clay after hearing about him through my gym. I filled out info for a phone consultation, expecting to hear back 2-3 days later. I got a phone call 2 hours later (on New Years Eve no less.) I was in less than 48 hours later for an appointment. Clay nailed the issue within the first 15 minutes of the appointment, and everything fell into place and made so much sense. I tend to err on the side of too much detail, so I was a bit nervous that I would forget everything he told me to be working on. No worries, I received a text message with personalized videos about an hour later with him demonstrating all the exercises he wanted me to work on. I've never experienced such personalized care. He made me feel comfortable, understood, and answered all my questions. He even looked at my future workout classes and showed me ways to modify. Dr. Jones really cares about his patients, and the level of care he provides is immeasurable.

---- Elizabeth Roper

I highly recommend 901PT!
Drs. Sara and Clay are extremely knowledgeable and friendly when it comes to helping athletes do what they love. As a former collegiate athlete, I was in search of a service that could cater to my needs similarly to the training staff of an SEC program.
My experiences with Dr. Sara were very informative and genuinely helpful. She gave me the tools I needed to address my current injury and also provided techniques to stay healthy into the future. My assessment was thorough and the time there was maximized without feeling rushed. It included thoughtful discussion, mobility, balance, dry needling, and even some chiropractic alignment.
I feel well equipped to take on my big training goals and will certainly be back!  ---Matt Weickert

I can’t say enough great things about Clay and 901 PT. I’ve had severe back issues for years!!! I went to neurosurgeons, chiropractors, had spinal blocks, you name it. I found Clay Jones and got my life back. His approach is the new non-invasive, proactive strengthening the core muscles approach... Say what you want, but I’d rather get stretches and exercises over invasive surgery any day of the year!! You are crazy not to give this a try!!!  -- Grace Sandlin

Three years ago I began having difficulty moving my left arm particularly reaching my right shoulder. Before this, I had difficulty with my neck which had improved a little. An orthopedic doctor diagnosed tendinitis and sent me how with a well-copied sheet of exercises. No change in the shoulder or neck until I heard of Dr. Jones. He was able to diagnose the problem on my first visit and we began a regiment of exercises targeting the real problem. Four meetings later and I am making good progress with movement and must less discomfort. Prospects are good. Thank you!  --- Dwight Albright

19Dr. Sara is great! She is very knowledgeable and personable, but what sets 901PT apart is the personal care provided. In a one hour session, the PT (Sara in my case) is giving you her undivided attention and is interested in getting to the root of the problem to help you move better and be pain-free. It shows her care for her patients and is also helpful for the patient because you have a good length of time to ask questions and give information on what is going on. I had back pain for nearly two years, and after one visit I was feeling better, and now a few weeks later I am moving better! I would recommend 901PT to anyone with aches and pains.   ---- Nathan Roelofs

Clay is extremely knowledgeable and passionate with what he does. If you're in the Memphis area and need a specialist to help you quickly recover from injury - don't hesitate to reach out! I HIGHLY recommend Clay. He's second to none!   --- Andrew Kenas

For me this is the next level of physical therapy. I have wanted to do everything I could to recover without surgery. Last April when I hurt my shoulder and did therapy I couldn't get my arm above my head after a month. I kept going to my workouts at IronTribe Germantown and just scaled the work to fit my needs. In July I met Clay and Sara and thought I saw a path to a new level of recovery. I am now able to do a lot more of the workouts without scaling and I can draw my bow and shoot. I didn't expect to be this far along by October. I still have work to do but I also have a plan to achieve my goals. I can't thank you guys enough.    ----- Stoney Logan


As a physical therapist, I have high standards for PTs who treat me for any injuries I have. I was overwhelmed by the extraordinary skill and attention to detail Clay had with my recent shoulder injury. I have and will continue to refer him for to my friends and family!     ---- Andrew Curry

I had the opportunity to visit 901PT and I am glad I did. After my first visits, I started to feel an improvement.
Dr. Sara Michael helped me to recover, to identify some weaknesses and she gave me great tips to improve my running technique. Thank you!    -----Jorge Esparza

Dr. Clay Jones is great, and I recommend him without hesitation. I injured my upper arm after a fall and when the pain was still present after a few months, I went to see him. My range of motion has improved tremendously, and the pain is practically nonexistent. Clay is personable, kind, and a joy to work with. He listens and gives you his full attention. I am so grateful for his help.     ---- Linda Stine

Clay and Sarah have such an amazing knowledge base. I am a yoga teacher and can really put my body through the ringer teaching a lot classes. Clay helps put my body back together and always teaches me something new and useful about movement and healing.   ---- Amy Hutcheson, Owner of Downtown Yoga

Highly recommend Clay Jones @ 901PT. I was battling pain in my right knee for over a year and finally decided to see someone. My husband was having a good experience with Clay so I jumped on board as well. He quickly pinpointed the cause of my pain and over the course of several visits, we worked on my the problem areas with stretches, dry needling and scraping. I am happy to say that after the visits, along with some home exercises that Clay prescribed, my knee pain is gone. Clay was very attentive and easy to talk to during the visits and was also responsive after hours if I had any questions about my treatment.     ---- Whitney Bell

901PT/Clay Jones is just the ticket to get to the source of the problem you’re having. The dry needling helped me recover faster from the tightness and pain I was having in my hip/hip flexor area and the exercises provide helped to strengthen areas needed to offset the strain that area was under. In a nutshell, Clay is very knowledgeable about the muscle/skeletal system.(and no doubt Sara is as well). And, they spend a full hour with you which gives them the opportunity to help you best. I’m recommending them for anyone I come in contact with who needs PT.    ---- Teresa Reddoch

I suffered a back injury weight lifting, and dealt with the pain and discomfort for months. The great people at 901PT worked with me, one on one, to treat the root cause of the issue so I could get back in the gym. They did not just tell me to rest and wait for it to get better, but gave me active direction on how to fix the issue. Clay believes the body is resilient and if injuries are treated correctly then active people can get back to doing what they love!   --- Alex Cook

I recently started working with Clay on some long term pain I've had in my neck. I have seen numerous PTs for this issue in numerous cities. (We have moved several times since this issue started.) Clay is the only PT who has talked about a lasting lifetime change. He is the only one who has talked about the muscles and the joints involved in the pain. Before it was only about the muscles. He is super knowledgeable about his craft and always answers my questions as if they are the best questions ever. The one on one time makes you feel like you are his most important patient. He's a Super person too. 

--- Valerie King

My experience with Clay Jones (901PT) was simply wonderful. I entered my info for a 20-minute consult on the website. At the conclusion of the consult, I was presented with several options for treatment with the pros and cons of each one and given all the details. Everything was made very transparent upfront.
I've consequently visited several times and each time was a very personal, safe, and custom-tailored experience to my needs - therapy for a shoulder impingement. I was given exercise prescriptions and demonstrations, advice on scaling workouts and how my shoulder should feel during activity, muscle therapy, and follow-up consulting and advice.
Clay Jones definitely calmed my nerves not only about seeing a PT for the first time but also about my abilities to perform in and out of the gym. If you have worries, concerns, pains, or just questions, you won't go wrong reaching out to the folks at 901PT.   --- Robert Davis

I will recommend Dr. Sara Michael and 901 PT to my friends, especially other runners. 901 PT's approach, with an entire hour dedicated to the therapy session, allows for a holistic approach that treats the acute issue and the underlying imbalances that caused the issue. Through active stretching, deep tissue work, and dry needling, 901 PT helped get me back to running. Just as importantly, Sara educated me about my injury and provided me with a detailed list of at-home exercises on which to focus to help me continue to gain strength. Sara and Clay are both knowledgeable, and with their space inside Recess Gym, they have room to teach exercises and offer a relaxed but inspiring space for physical therapy. With Sara's help, I was able to go from being too injured to run to being ready to race again in just over a month.  

---- Jeff Gross

901PT was the best experience i've ever had with a physical therapist. Clay is very knowledgeable and able to educate about injuries in a clear and concise way, while spending a lot of one on one time with his patients. I was able to make a lot of progress in a short time with the recommendations he gave me. Thanks again!   --- Jonny Guerra

I have had constant pain in my shoulder for a few months that was preventing me from lifting overhead. After a few visits with Clay I was back to normal and lifting overhead. Thanks for everything!   -----Joey Ray

Sara was great! Got me pain free & addressed the weakness in my hip that was causing my injuries! Great, caring therapists! Highly recommend!!!   ----Nikki Simmons

If I could give Clay and 901 PT 10 Stars I would! He is very knowledgeable and he does a great job of explaining things in detail. He helped me tremendously!    ----TK Baker

Life can take a toll on your body and it needs healing from time to time. I have injured my rotator cuff, over flexed muscles and sprained my back. Dr. Clay Jones took the time to get to the root of the problem and helped me heal! I didn’t need X-rays, MRI or surgery! Dr. Clay will take a whole hour, not 5 min to find out what’s going on! I’ve never met a Doctor in any specialty that cares so much! Give 901 Physical Therapy a try! You won’t regret it!    ----Angela Moore

My recovery following back surgery had stalled and I was looking for a way to move forward. Clay Jones at 901PT diagnosed my real problem with the piriformis muscle. He used dry needling and set me off on a new exercise routine; these have helped tremendously. After I was released by Clay, I have continued that exercise program. Clay is knowledgeable, a good listener, a true help. He's the best!     -----Bill Pickle

A couple of months ago I injured my back so badly that I couldn't move without pain for a couple of weeks, and when I did move it was VERY cautiously bc any little movement of my spine would cause severe, shooting pain. I went to see Clay Jones for the first time, and was so pleasantly surprised to see that I was his only patient! I don't know if you've ever been to one of the bigger clinics in town, but you are only 1 of several patients that your PT is seeing. So, you'll usually talk with your PT for a few minutes, he/she will give you some exercises to work on while he/she goes to see another patient, and then will check in with you and give you more exercises (or ice/heat, etc.) Clay spent the ENTIRE HOUR testing my movements, asking me questions, asking about my health history and really listening to me describe my injury. In the end, he mapped out a plan for me and said he felt completely confident he could get me moving again- and even better than I was before I hurt my back! At first, I had to see him 2 times a week, and I even had to call him a couple of times when I had "flare-ups." He patiently talked me through some exercises over the phone and gave me the confidence to do them. After a few weeks, I moved down to 1 appt per week, and I am now going to yoga 3x a week and feeling 90% better! But, here's what I love about Dr. Jones: 90% isn't good enough. If I stayed at 90%, I'd get hurt again and be right back to where I was 2 months ago. He's now working with me on weight lifting and running techniques to get me to 100%. I cannot tell you how much of a difference his quality of care has made in my life! And my family's life! I am a mom of 3, and when Mama is down, it's so hard on the family!! I am singing his praises all over town and cannot recommend him enough!!   -----Claire van Drimmelin

The best physical therapy you can get. Fantastic manual therapy, a near obsession with the field and new research, a wealth of experience and amazing diagnostic skills. 901PT is where you want to be treated.   ----Beth Halldorson

Clay is indeed different.In my long life, I Have been to more therapist than I can count on two hands all well qualified and somewhat helpful but Clay surpasses them all. He seemed to know exactly where one was in pain and one's body frozen and he had exercises and moves that made all the difference. I had thought I would never be free of pain or have freedom of movement again. I had broken my back and pain-free movement was very limited. Now the pain is almost just a memory. I am so thankful to have been guided to this wonderfully trained ,almost magically competent caring man. It's made such a difference in quality of my life.       -----Margery Howard

When we REALLY need someone he's the guy I think of first for physical therapy. And he's a really great person.



Clay Jones is an excellent physical therapist who really focuses on the individual needs of his clients so that he can tailor a specific and unique regimen for each situation. After having had years of back pain following a car wreck and no long-term relief from chiropractic and massage treatments, I went to see Clay. He worked through the issues with physical manipulation and a series of exercises to strengthen the affected areas. In short order, I began to feel an improvement in range of motion and elimination of pain. A month later, I was back playing in a weekly soccer league and have been able to continue thanks to Clay's care. Highly recommended! —John


I went to Clay to see about my knee, but I left with so much more than I ever could have expected. He was able to tell me why my knee was aggravated, and exactly what I needed to do to stop the pain. After a couple of weeks of working with him, my knee was so much better. If I could give more than five stars, I would. I can’t recommend Clay enough.  --- Elizabeth


Clay treated me for a shoulder that had limited movement and showed me exercises I could do at home after my therapy. He is extremely knowledgeable about muscles and bones, and treated me with respect and courtesy. After my sessions were over, I gained increased movement in my shoulder as well as more flexibility. He's incredible! 

--- Linda

What Other Physical Therapists Say About 901 Physical Therapy

Having worked alongside Clay as a young clinician, I can confidently say that he is one of the best in the business! Clay is one the most approachable and friendly professionals that you will ever meet and he does a phenomenal job of seeking first to understand your needs, concerns, and complaints before ever diving into treatment. Education is one of Clay’s strengths and he will do a fantastic job of informing you on your condition as he is able to break down the most complex concepts into language that even a child will understand. As far as the level of treatment you will receive, Clay is highly knowledgeable on the latest advancements in research in the world of rehabilitation and will work with you to formulate a customized game plan to suit your individual needs - meaning, you will not receive a cookie-cutter therapy approach! If you are looking for a passionate, highly intelligent, and personable physical therapist then look no further. He’s the one you’d want treating your mother or grandmother!  --- Jeremiah 



I’ve known Clay for a couple of years and worked with him for a shorter time than I would’ve liked. His focus, patience, and personality makes every patient interaction positive. I miss his mentorship and having him work on my aches and pains. I highly recommend him for any issue someone may be having. I hate I live so far away now or I would be seeing him for treatment!     ---- Kathleentime he takes with each individual patient always amazed me. He was never rushed, always taking a significant amount of time with each patient to determine what was causing problems and how he could fix them. His knowledge and manual skills seem unending. I wish I could’ve worked with him longer to absorb even a portion of that. He is always looking to better his skills, constantly educating himself and others in physical therapy. 



If you are in the Memphis area and needing PT, Clay Jones is the guy to see! Clay is so knowledgeable, thinks out of he box, and has excellent manual therapy skills. His expertise is unlike any other PT you will see. I highly recommend Clay if you are needing any assistance with pain (acute or chronic), mobility, or stabilization/strengthening. Do not live with pain, go see Clay now!   

----- Ly 



As a fellow physical therapist, I have never met another physical therapist with as much passion and dedication for the field. Not only is he extremely experienced and well-learned, but he is also humble and an excellent teacher. He became my mentor when I first became a physical therapist and I couldn't have asked for a better person to teach me how to treat the person in front of me. He uses the same teaching skills to explain to patients why they are having the pain they are, what to expect during their recovery and what to do about it. I would recommend all my friends and family to see him!    ---- Lisa



I worked with Clay for several years in Kirkland, WA. He is dedicated, meticulous, and genuinely cares about making his patients feel better. He is an excellent manual therapist and very detail-oriented in optimizing patients' areas of dysfunction. Highly recommended!  ----- Heidi