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Memphis Physical Therapists

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT



Movement is Medicine

Here's how our 3- Step Process works: 

1. Feel Better

2. Move Better

3. Perform Better

The Kinds of People We Help Include...

Active Adults 
who push themselves hard in the gym or in their training and want to maintain their health
and activity level for a long time to come.  We help them heal from new or chronic injuries and pain.

Teen Athletes

who can't afford to be sidelined due to injury and need to get back in the game with full strength as soon as possible.

Competitive Adults

Who are actively training for a race or competition and need to take care of a nagging injury
before it gets worse and interferes with their performance.
Busy Parents

whose lives don't slow down even when they're injured or in pain.  We take care of them so they can take care of their families.  

Long-Suffering Adults 

who have exhausted their options with physicians, medications, and therapies and are facing a surgery recommendation.  They're not ready for the risks and long-lasting effects of surgery and want to try a non-invasive option.  We help people who have suffered for years with chronic pain experience relief and enjoy their lives.

Health Conscious Older Adults
who want to be proactive in maintaining their health and mobility in the long-term.  We help them prevent injury and disability and maintain strength and mobility as they age.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

We believe that movement is medicine, and whether you're competing in a sport or just want to enjoy a walk around your neighborhood without pain, we'll show you how to get there.

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

We're frustrated with the lack of quality care most people receive when they have an injury.  

Too many patients waste significant time, energy, and money getting expensive imaging and injections, and months or years later are still dealing with the same pain issues. 


I'm tired of hearing my patients complain about how long they have suffered because no one ever took enough time to thoroughly examine them, listen to their story, and carefully explain their condition to them. 


I started 901PT because I want to spend significant time getting to know each patient so that every question and concern can be answered and every pain thoughtfully and thoroughly treated." 

    - Clay Jones, owner and founder of 901 PT 

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

We want to make this the best healthcare experience you've ever had.  

We Promise






Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT


We promise to give you individualized attention.  You're not just a number to us, and our whole attention will be focused on you.  


Customized Plan

Your treatment plan is designed according to your individual needs and goals.  There is no one-size-fits-all here.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT


You will have access to your therapist in between appointments, and we will be responsive to your questions.  



We care that you're in pain and that you can't do what you want to do because of it.  We'll listen when it's hard and celebrate as you reach your goals.   

 Founder and CEO of 901 Physical Therapy

Dr. Clay is from Memphis and is intent upon helping Memphis athletes recover from the pain and stay active. He's a listening ear to his patients and an empathetic guide through the healing process. Clay has extensive experience in helping people who struggle with acute and chronic pain, and one of his favorite populations to work with is teenage athletes. 

Clay loves working out at several local gyms, running, and building the perfect backyard fire pit.  

Dr. Clay Jones - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT
Dr. Sara Michael - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

Clinical Director

Dr. Sara Michael is a native Memphian and 901PT's lead running specialist.  She's passionate about helping Memphis runners overcome pain and injuries so they can keep running.  Sara is tenacious in problem-solving her patients' pain and a loyal guide for those who need someone to figure out why they're hurting and how they can overcome it.  

Sara is always active and enjoys running, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and yoga.  

PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. CMFA

Dr. Jessica is an Army veteran and 901PT's lead barbell weightlifting specialist.  She brings extensive experience in competing and coaching Olympic weightlifting to her clinical role as a physical therapist.  When weightlifters experience pain during their workouts, there is no one better to guide them through healing and training their lifts without pain. 

Dr. Jessica has a particular interest in working with military, veterans, and tactical athletes (police, firefighters, EMS) to maintain a high level of physical readiness and prevent injuries.  

Dr. Jessica Olivares - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT
Dr. Jonathan Mace - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT


Dr. Jonathan has always been a very active athlete and loves running, rock climbing, and weightlifting. He understands the frustrations pain can bring while training and is passionate about his patients being able to both understand their injury as well as their capacity to recover.  He brings both lighthearted energy and compassion to helping athletes overcome their pain and achieve their goals. 

Dr. Jonathan loves a good burger, working on his snatch, and goofing off with his kids.  


Dr. Sharwil is a native Memphian and former collegiate basketball player at Rhodes College who loves partnering with athletes of all ages.  Her unique skill is uncovering and fixing the root cause of pain and empowering them toward improved health and performance.  


In her spare time, Sharwil enjoys indoor bouldering, jogging on a sunny afternoon, birdwatching, board games, and watching Memphis sports (Go Grizz!).

Dr. Sharwil Bell - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT


Emily has been a part of building 901PT with her husband Clay from the very beginning.  He's visionary, and she's the one that orchestrates the behind-the-scene details to help make it happen.  They work closely daily to build the best possible clinic for their patients and the workplace for their employees. 

Emily and Clay have four kids, and she can most often be found in her minivan, carpooling them to sports activities and theater rehearsals!  She loves singing, reading great books, weightlifting, and is slightly obsessed with Tiktok.

Emily Jones - Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT


Dr. Phoebe is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist who loves to help patients of all ages set goals and provide them with tools and a plan to achieve them.


An long distance runner herself, Dr. Tricia can speak from personal experience about the disappointment and frustration that comes with ongoing aches, pains, and injuries. 


Her favorite thing about being a PT is the time spent developing relationships with her patients.  She loves helping them see the big picture and taking back autonomy over their longterm health. 

Tricia loves to spend her free time traveling and trying new cuisines with her husband and hiking with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Oskar.  She also loves baking, reading, and playing Zelda.  

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