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PATCHED Pentaho The Response Could Not Be Deserialized

pentaho the response could not be deserialized

pentaho the response could not be deserialized

May 23, 2012 I was not able to open the bii query results even though the connection was successful and I got the count correct. I received the error "Response could not be deserialized" and "Could not create.soup. Sep 3, 2015 1. After loading the data, I would like to display a pie chart using Kettle. The following error occurs "Response could not be deserialized. Sep 3, 2015 8. Explain the process of using some helper data in Pentaho. Error "Response could not be deserialized". I have faced the following problem. Mar 18, 2015 Kettle can't create and populate a data table/view using the following query: SELECT Employee_Name Oct 5, 2011 I have a batch transformation with the name “Write Spring context” and the input file is named: “Data Store – Local”. Click here to view the. Mar 23, 2014 This is my sample query to fetch some data from the data store (created in pentaho) Oct 8, 2014 You have JSON file and you want to map that to a Data Table or Data View. For example, I have a JSON file "test.json". I am trying to read that file and I can see in that file 3 fields. That is name,dob and age. but I get an error saying "Response could not be deserialized" while trying to . May 4, 2014 Add-Result.xml The response could not be deserialized. Related Collections. Dangers of "Extending JSON." Oct 6, 2014 This query successfully fetches the value of the name field from the table. However, the age field gives me an error of “Could not find the main class. Apr 19, 2014 How can I format the data returned from my web service into a data view in Pentaho? I am receiving an error message saying "Response could not be deserialized." Mar 11, 2014 I have a pentaho-solution that is to fetch the values from web service by using SoapUI and wanted to know how to convert the soap response into csv file. Nov 18, 2015 Spring boot: Response could not be deserialized Error. My application has a database and a web service. Jan 21, 2014 The

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PATCHED Pentaho The Response Could Not Be Deserialized

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