What To Do If Treatment for Nerve Pain or Sciatica Isn't Working

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Do you have sciatica or pain in your leg? Do you think or have you been told that you have a pinched nerve in your back, such as from a disc bulge?

Have you even had a nerve injection or steroid medication or surgery for this? Have you been told that you have sciatica, disc bulges caused by pinched nerves, or piriformis syndrome?

People are told all different things when they have pain that goes down the leg, and they're often nervous or scared when it comes to nerve pain. Whether this is a recent onset pain or you've had it for a long time and have tried different treatments--- If what you've tried isn't helping, watch this.

I’ll give you a test and we’ll figure it out.

I’ve had lots of patients who had this pain, endured surgery and injections, but their pain was still there, and those treatments didn't work. Often they don't work because the problem may not be coming from a nerve.

If the nerve was never inflamed in the first place, a steroid injection or dose pack won't change your pain. You might have seen an MRI that showed that you have pressure or a disc, but this doesn’t mean it’s causing problems or the source of your pain. You have to link a static MRI image with a physical exam.

This test is called the "Slump Test" and is my favorite to use with my patients to see if I’m dealing with someone with inflamed nerves.