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Make the most of your time by INVESTING in your health and getting rid of frustrating PAIN! 

Stuck at home?  We get it.  

Instead of wasting your time away wishing that life would get back to normal, USE it to do something MEANINGFUL.  
We're seeing current and new patients via online telehealth appointments and can effectively diagnose and treat your pain so that you can continue to get the care you deserve. 

Have you been dealing with frustrating aches and pains for too long, but you never seemed to have the time to get around to doing something about it?  

NOW is your time! 

Most people’s pain hangs around much longer than it needs to because it never received proper diagnosis and treatment.  Many of the patients we see have been dealing with chronic pain for years, and the more time passes, the longer it takes for it go away.  If this sounds like you, now is the time to do something about it.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

Reasons Why Your Pain May Be Hanging On


1. You were hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

2. You went to a physician who gave you expensive imaging, told you to rest and to take painkillers.  If the medicine helped, it was only temporary and the pain came back. 

3. A friend or family member told you that aches and pains are part of getting older so you just accepted it. 


4. You tried visiting other health professionals for help but their treatments didn't seem to help for long. 

5. You Google'd your symptoms and tried exercises you found on YouTube but it didn't help or made it worse!


6. You thought resting and stopping your exercise would help but as soon as you tried to ease back into being active, the pain was back. 

If you're stuck spending more time than usual at home during this difficult pandemic, your pain will only continue to get worse if you aren't spending your time doing the RIGHT movements.  

Your pain won't stop just because you do

Contact us for more information about how we can give you the help you need from the comfort and privacy of your home.  

Memphis Physical Therapy - 901 PT

If you’re tired of being slowed down by a nagging ache or sharp pain,
then let’s talk. 

We'd love to hear about what's going on with you, how long you've been experiencing pain, and what you've tried so far.  

We'll answer your questions and explain how we're different.  We'll tell you what the process looks like for you get back to normal everyday functioning without pain. 



We are also highly qualified to help you return to a high level of athletic performance after pain and help you be confident in your body for the future. 






-Anyone who is struggling with muscle or joint pain or tightness.  

-Anyone who has been told that they need surgery because of joint pain or has recently had surgery and needs to regain strength and mobility

-Anyone who needs to improve their mobility and strength to maintain longterm independence and health

-Anyone who has struggled with chronic pain for years and has seen other health practitioners with limited or no real relief


-You will meet face-to-face with a Doctor of Physical Therapy on a secure online platform, and have the opportunity to explain what you're dealing with and what goals you have. 

-Your therapist will evaluate you through a movement-based assessment to determine the root cause of your problem and what needs to be done about it.  

-Your therapist will create a custom plan for the specific exercises/movements you need to work on at home based on the findings of your evaluation.  

-You'll have the opportunity to ask all of your questions and feel confident in the treatment plan you and your therapist will create based on your individual needs and goals.  


-All of our therapists are certified Doctors of Physical Therapy, and each one has specific areas of extra specialization and certification. 

-We have successfully treated thousands of patients and specialize in active adults and teenagers. 

-Our therapists have particular interests and experience in treating runners, weight lifters, and athletes of all types.  We also specialize in chronic and acute back and shoulder pain.


-All visits are 1 full hour so that you and your therapist will have all the time necessary to get to know each other and really get to the root cause of your issue.  We place a high value on individualized treatment, and we want this to be the best healthcare experience you've ever had! Because we spend so much time with you, we're able to accomplish a lot during each visit.


-Your evaluation will include exercises and screening movements that your therapist will use to determine the source of your problem and what needs to happen to thoroughly deal with it. 

-Much of what we do is educate patients on their diagnosis.  So much healing comes through understanding the problem correctly and gaining hope for healing.  Your therapist will be extremely thorough in making sure you feel confident and understand everything that's happening.

-He/she will also show you corrective exercises and movements and help you practice them while giving you pointers and tips to make sure you're doing them correctly.  

-You'll receive a customized movement prescription from your therapist of exactly which movements you need to work on until your next visit.  If you have questions in-between visits, our therapists are available to you via email or text for clarification. 

-At your follow-up visits, you'll revisit the movements you've been working on and the therapist will check on how your body is responding.  These visits are crucial because often it's the little tweaks and changes based on how your specific body is progressing that make all the difference in the healing process. 


-We don't know yet, everyone is different!  Someone who is recovering from an ankle sprain is going to need a very different treatment program from someone who has had low back pain for ten years.  A high-performance runner will need a different program than someone whose shoulder hurts with overhead movement.  

-At 901PT, our goal is to spend enough time with you so that we can be extremely thorough and deal with the underlying root cause of the problem instead of just treating symptoms.  At your initial evaluation appointment, we'll be very honest with you about what it's going to take to not only get out of pain but achieve your personal goals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of us are used to the miserable waiting time and 10-minute visits at the doctor's office, only to realize that you never had time to ask all of your questions and feel like the doctor was able to thoroughly examine you... 

Too often in our country, people who deal with pain are given a quick, cursory assessment along with a prescription that just masks the underlying source of the problem.  
At 901PT, we're able to diagnose and treat the real root cause of your pain WITHOUT the use of medications, injections, or steroids. 

What is it worth to you to spend a full hour of one-on-one time with a Doctor who can get to the root cause of your problem and show you a way forward out of pain?  

What's it worth to you to be able to STAY ACTIVE and keep participating in the sport/exercise that you love?  

Our goal is to help you keep running, lifting weights, playing golf, practicing yoga, etc... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

We can help you get there.  


Sounds too good to be true but you're still wondering if this is right for you???  

The cornerstone of what we do is individualized attention, and that starts BEFORE your first appointment with us!  If you're curious if physical therapy is right for you, we'd love to hear more about your situation and what you're dealing with so we can help you figure out if this is the best choice for you.  


We want to hear about what's hurting, how long it's been going on, what else you've tried, etc.... and be able to answer ALL of your questions about how we can help!  

Nothing we do is cookie-cutter or a one-size-fits-all approach.  We've been able to offer the highest level of specialized and individualized treatment available to the Memphis area, and now for the first time, it's available to you in the comfort of your own home.  


We'll get to the root cause of your problem and customize a prescriptive program to start getting out of pain, get stronger, and stay active in the long run.  


Click the button below to send us your contact info and a brief description of your situation, and you'll receive a phone call within 24 hrs. from one of our patient specialists.  

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