We can help stop your foot and ankle pain while avoiding the use of medications, injections, and surgery and without relying on an endless cycle of orthotics and different shoes to try and "fix" the pain.

Do you have daily nagging foot or ankle pain?

Are you dealing with foot or ankle pain?  Does it hurt to walk when you first wake-up in the morning or when you start walking after sitting for a long time?


Have you been told you have plantar fasciitis and you've tried the stretches and ice massages and changes in shoes or orthotics but you still have the pain or continue to struggle with flare-ups whenever you increase your activity or mileage?


Does your Achilles tendon or heel hurt when you walk or run or do box jumps or climbing stairs?


Have you sprained your ankle recently or several years ago and you still feel pain on the front or side of your ankle and maybe it still feels unstable or stiff?


Do you have pain in the middle part of your foot and you've had stress fractures in the past and you've used a boot before but now the pain is returning?


If someone told you that surgery is in your future or you’re worried that you’ll have to give up the sports and activities you love due to the pain that just won’t get better, then we're here to help because we KNOW feet and ankles and what it takes to get them back to full and painless function naturally.  


Foot and ankle pain is very common and often very treatable, but unfortunately, most people don’t receive good advice or quality treatment to help them recover, and the pain gets worse instead of better. And people often try all different kinds of treatment including orthotics and shoe wear hoping the next pair will make the difference. Sometimes it does help temporarily, or it helps only when wearing that particular shoe. But then the symptoms may gradually return or they never helped in the first place. This is a very common story we hear!

Physical therapist is examining a patient's foot and ankle, performing manual therapy

We've treated patients many times under these very scenarios and can often make a difference when we look at the CAUSE of the problem and not just at the area where you feel your pain. When it comes to the foot and ankle, oftentimes there are tight or weak areas "up the chain" or around the painful area, especially in the calf or the ankle joint itself. We typically hear that no healthcare practitioner has ever examined the joints and muscles in the lower leg to assess for problems (except to tell the patient "stretch your calves").


If you have heel or foot pain and you've had a history of ankle sprains or knee or hip pain, and if these areas have never been assessed or treated by a hands-on expert, then you could be missing the solution to the cause of the problem!


Many of the problems in the foot or ankle have to deal with our body's ability to absorb shock and then push off through our foot with stability and balance as we walk or run or jump. If there are tight or weak areas "up the chain" in the knees or in the hips and back, then this can be the CAUSE of the problem. Those are the culprits and your foot is the victim where you feel the pain because your foot is having to compensate for the force and pounding. If these areas are not assessed and then addressed with treatment, no amount of treatment JUST to the painful area in the foot or ankle will lead to a lasting change!


Our goal and our experience at 901 Physical Therapy is too find the root cause of the pain and fix them.  


A runner's calf, ankle, and foot are pictured while the runner goes up stairs
If you're tired of being slowed down by a nagging ache or sharp pain in your foot then let's talk.

Our free phone consultations with one of our doctors of physical therapy are something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about physical therapy--- unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them.  If that sounds like you, then please start with a free phone call so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done --- without any financial risk on your part.  Our goal is to help you figure out your next best step in solving this problem. 


Foot and ankle pain is a common issue that we see in our physical therapy practice, and people are often very confused by the time they see us because they’ve heard so many different things about how to get rid of the pain, and none of them seem to have worked.


We’ve seen how frustrated our patients are when they’ve spent lots of time and money visiting different physicians and practitioners or podiatrists to receive expensive imaging and medications and orthotics, all while still experiencing the same pain. Or it will help temporarily but then it doesn't go away or it flares back up on a regular basis. It can be very confusing to know the best way to deal with your foot pain, especially when you hear different advice from different people.  We listen to people’s stories every day about how they’re tired of bouncing from appointment to appointment with no real change or improvement in their daily life.


At 901 Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating active people who don’t want to be slowed down by something as annoying as a painful foot or Achilles.  Whether the pain is new or has been around for years, we know how to get you back to running and jumping and simply walking again without pain.  This does not have to be something you suffer from forever, and the use of medication or steroid shots or ankle boots or custom orthotics are NOT the only options you have.


If you're looking for a healthcare practitioner to recommend one more type of orthotic or perfect shoe, then don't come here. We believe in fixing the root cause and we believe in the body's resiliency and ability to recover and not have to rely on these things. Can they definitely be helpful at times? Of course! Can they be the solution at times? Of course! But often times in our experience, these are the only treatment options being tried and the other root problems are not being addressed which leads to poor or partial recovery.


We know how to get you on the road to recovery and teach you the lifelong skills to keep your feet and ankles strong and mobile and resilient in whatever you put them through. One of the best parts about our work is hearing from people who had been told that they would deal with chronic soreness indefinitely or that surgery or avoidance of activity was their only option for living a pain-free life when they’re back to their daily activities and sports after our treatment.  


Most people's foot and ankle pain hangs around much longer than it needs to because it never received the proper diagnosis and treatment. No one ever looked at the CAUSES of the problem and treated the whole body, not just the painful area.  It can be tempting to keep hoping that it'll get better with time, but most of the patients we see have been dealing with pain for longer than they should - it's NOT a normal part of life, and it IS treatable.

If you're tired of living with foot and ankle pain, and you're ready to book an appointment to take the first step in eliminating it, Email us at info@901pt.com or Call or Text at (901) 310-3901

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